Meet the beautiful women of Indonesia along the coast of Flores. These women are gaining control over their family’s income, resulting in a positive change to escape poverty that perpetuates human trafficking. Look for this beautiful collection, July 2019 made out of rattan, palm leaf and tree skins.


Our USA Nepali cooperative is run by our founder and GSF weaving director Liz Kuhns. They are the makers of The Color Pop Collection. 


Girl Set Free partners with the women in Nagaland. Nestled in northeast India to the borders of Bhutan and China are the Nagaland hill tribes. The women of Nagaland are rising above their circumstances and using their weaving skills to make a better life for themselves. Their intricate woven's and hand dyed yarns make the most beautiful scarves and home accessories. You will find the Nagaland Collection this fall in our shop. We will be sharing more information soon.


 Girl Set Free partners with Purnaa in Kathmandu Nepal. Seen below is the original Girl Set Free tee being made. We are excited to bring a new canvas and leather bag and t-shirt from this cooperative in 2019. We also are in communication about a new product that will provide an even greater impact for the women, their families and community. We hope to share more soon! Purnaa provides world-class, ethical manufacturing which empowers marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.