Girl Set Free is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We made a conscious decision from day one to maintain a clear focus on impact and our incorporation status serves as a major part of this. You can take confidence in knowing your purchases help to further this impact. - Jeremy Kratzer, GSF Co-Founder + CFO

We are actively reinvesting our profits back into the local community and around the world to provide education, empowerment and employment. 

National + Local Advocacy

We advocate for victims of human trafficking both locally and over seas. Risk factors for trafficking occur on multiple levels of society. Trafficking victims are often targeted by traffickers due to social inequities and poverty. Other risk factors may include family dysfunction including substance abuse, domestic violence, child sexual assault, abandonment, and homelessness. Human trafficking takes place in virtually every country in the world, generating billions of dollars in profit at the expense of millions of innocent victims. 


Employment For survivors of exploitation

We are on mission to empower individuals and communities to become whole and complete. We do this by creating job opportunities for those whose marginalized status in society would otherwise prevent them from getting work. We currently have seventy artisans and their families impacted through our programs. We are currently developing breed-specific yarns along side several farming communities in the USA for our knit wear collection launching this Fall. By sourcing our own wool, we ensure there is no bonded or child labor involved in the processing and spinning of our yarn. 


Education for at risk children

We care deeply about the children of the women who are making our garments. We not only provide work programs for financial support but believe in providing scholarships for their children's education. We also want to help rescue and educate children at risk of becoming trafficked. We do this by providing funds for community outreach programs in Italy and Nepal as well as directly working with Restore Court in USA. 


Safe Housing for female victims of sexual exploitation 

Safe housing is provided for victims of human trafficking with no safe place to live. By introducing them to a network of resources and stable, supportive people, these victims begin to believe they can have a different life. There is hope. We come along side our local strategic partner Rahab Ministries to help provide safe housing for female victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We are also helping them raise funds for a second safe house for minors identified as victims of sexual exploitation through a special project launching this August. We also help place women who are rescued off the streets of Bologna Italy in homes that are safe and directly related to the GSF work program through our strategic partner Alleanza Tesori Raggianti. 


Job Skill Training + Business Loans

All of our artisans are given job skills training to properly learn pattern making, cutting, sewing, knitting, weaving, pen turning and leather works. Our focus is community-based care and support; awareness-raising activities, restoring dignity and respect is a key part of this.


Mentoring for minors through Restore Court

We do this by partnering with Summit County Juvenile Court and our ministry partners in Akron Ohio that provides mentoring for minor victims through a program called Restore Court, which seeks to expunge victim’s records. Volunteers visit and write letters to women in prison to continue to show them hope in Christ amidst their seemingly hopeless situations. Through these numerous avenues RAHAB builds the meaningful, Christ-centered relationships these women are so thirsty for. 


Medical + Therapeutic After-Care  

The wide range of acute and chronic medical and psychological conditions that affect trafficking survivors can be addressed through ongoing medical and therapeutic care. Many will require months, years, or even decades of intensive care to recover from their traumas. We provide financial resources for medical and therapeutic after-care.


 Counseling and rehabilitation to victims of sex-trafficking 

We fund counseling for victims of human trafficking. Through counseling, they learn how to understanding trafficking and their trauma. They learn life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, anger management, understanding boundaries,  and making safe choices to help them live independent lives. Trusted relationships are built while always pointing the women we work with toward a relationship with Jesus Christ. He alone is their redeemer.


Repatriation Assistance  

Many women who are sold into Human trafficking are taken from their own homeland. They are promised a job to make a better life for themselves and their families and then forced into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Victims rarely come forward to seek help because of language barriers, fear of the traffickers, and/or fear of law enforcement. They never have a way to return to their homelands but we help fund the process of returning a person - voluntarily - to his or her place of origin or citizenship. 

Our Partners