Grey Pearlized Italian Resin


Rollerball pens were introduced as a way to capture that effortless writing experience that you feel when using a fountain pen, but with the convenience of a more easy-to-use tip and refilling cartridge. They represent the best of both worlds, a great writing experience with simple convenience. The writing experience is near effortless! Rollerball pens are a joy to use and leave a great impression on both the paper and the writer.
Our rollerball pens are made with the highest-quality materials from around the world. This pen is made from Italian resin - one of the beautiful artistic materials Italy is known for in the pen making market. We make these Italian resin rollerball pens in a variety of styles that stay true to the excellence of the materials while giving you options to find what best suits you. Each of our rollerball pens ships with a high-quality rollerball cartridge to ensure that your pen functions as well as it looks.
Our rollerball pens are as unique as their owners. They make a distinctive statement, one of high-quality and craftsmanship. These pens are elegant and a joy to use. Great as a gift, or as an indulgence for yourself.
MATERIAL: Grey Pearlized Italian Resin
CHROME PLATING: The chrome plated parts, obtained from a manufacturer, are precisely fitted to the pen body and cap. These parts perfectly accent the rich appearance of the polished finish.
POSTABLE CAP: When unscrewed from the body of the pen, the flared cap can be left off the pen or can be posted to the end of the pen. The cap features a black accent band and top.
INK: Schmidt Rollerball cartridge