Key necklace


Girl Set Free is a socially motivated lifestyle brand empowering survivors of human trafficking, educating at risk children and transforming communities.
We have partnered with Rahab ministries and meet regularly with the women in Rahab's adult safe house. We share a bible devotion with the women and work on these key necklaces. 

Each key is created in collaboration with those residing in Rahab’s safe house for adult women. These courageous women are reaching above and beyond their own hopelessness and brokenness to partner with Girl Set Free in order to ‘open the doors’ to a Minor Safe House. With this purchase, you empower a movement of fresh starts and fulfilled lives. 
Each key is hand stamped on a repurposed key that has gone through a month long patina process. Our founder sat with the women as they selected seven words that meant something to them. Now you select the word that means something to you and enjoy your one of a kind work of art. 

We sell fashion. You change lives.