Woven Crossbody Bag 44 (mini)


All of our woven bags are made by hand on a back strap loom by a woman who has overcome. This cooperative group lives in the USA and is led by our founder Amy Kratzer and GSF Director of weaving, Liz Kuhns. The women make a fair and living wage that helps support their families needs and their own. We have been working alongside this group for two years. When you purchase this product, you empower marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.


  • Handmade on a back-strap loom by women who have overcome
  • Every bag is one-of-a-kind
  • Interior is lined with a cotton fabric
  • 2 interior pockets to fit your phone and smaller goods
  • Adjust length by knotting
  • We reinvest every profitable penny back into the programs that empower women out of exploitation and into freedom.